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The Sky is Not the Limit ®
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To the future graduates and leaders of the world - Have you ever wondered about the life of a pilot and aviation?

Ever wondered what it’s like to look down on a raging thunderstorm and watch it unleash its furious wrath upon the surface of the earth as it relentlessly pounds a section of our planet that only moments ago stood calm and serene?... or what it’s like to see the sun rise and set twice in a few hours?... or what it’s like to cross the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean or fly halfway around the world 3-4 times a month to a foreign land and kinda sorta speak their language, eat their food, live in their world?.... or what the pilots are up to behind that very secure cockpit door?

Well wonder no more... Ask one of the Flyboyzs®! Log on today and enhance your aviation experience at!

Visit and access loads of information, pictures and facts related to the aviation industry. Better still, become part of the “Flyboyzs Community” where you can network with aviation experts, enthusiasts and virtually anyone with an interest in aviation, and best of all its ALL FREE!

So who are the Flyboyzs®? Flyboyzs® is a multicultural team of aviation experts and enthusiasts (men and women) from around the world consisting of and whose mission is to..... Click here to read more...

As a member of the “Flyboyzs Community” you can:

1). Chat on-line with the Flyboyzs® (former Military Fighter Pilots, pilots of the biggest, fastest and most popular jets, International Jumbo Jet Pilots, Flight Attendants, Air Traffic Controllers, FAA Mechanics, FAA Medical Examiners and more) from all around the world who are available to answer any aviation questions you may have (obviously excluding the security sensitive stuff).

2). Become on-line friends with pilots by adding them to your profile.

3). Shadow pilots as they travel the globe: you can live vicariously through their exploits, travels and adventures as they traverse the planet.

4). Visit our virtual cockpit.

5). Read, comment and ask questions about our Articles, Blogs and pictures.

6). Chat on-line with the general public about your aviation interests.

7). Invite us to be a guest-speaker at your child’s next function just as the following schools have:

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