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The Sky is Not the Limit ®
eLearning Class Subscription: A 12-month subscription gives you: All book chapter learning tools, live streaming class, chat support and lot more,exclusively for student subscribers.


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Get trained by the most recognized and trusted private aviation training organization. We provide over 60 aviation courses and training programs for individuals and airlines. We work with airlines and the civil aviation authorities. The flight attendant t ...

Aveos offers an extensive range of training programs and services. We assure our customers superior training products and services. Aveos is a Transport Canada (TC) Approved Training Organization (ATO) and meets the requirements of the FAA as well as many ...

CAE’s E-Learning training solutions provide enhanced self-paced courses and practice tools for recurrent, refresher, and initial/transition Pilot and Maintenance training. They can be integrated into existing airline pilot training programs or offered as ...

CAE offers ab-initio training to aspiring pilots through CAE Global Academy, a groundbreaking alliance with leading ab-initio flight schools in strategic locations around the world. It is a growing network which complements CAE’s existing network of Type- ...

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