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The College operates an Aviation Business Diploma program in conjunction with Guardian Aerospace Holdings Inc, a Canadian licensed flight training unit and CAR 703 air taxi operator. The diploma is granted on completion of the Private and Commercial Pilot ...

Specializing in flight attendant,business, tourism and hospitality education, Eton College offers intensive short and long term programs, one on one counseling, tutorials, job preparation coaching and practicum placement. Eton is committed to the success ...

Guardian Aerospace Holdings Inc. offers the Standard Licenses and Ratings as follows: Recreational, Private, Commercial, Night, VFR over the Top; Instructor, Mountain Flight Awareness Training and Flight Training in Arctic Conditions for those pilots wish ...

Pacific Flying Club Address: #4 - 4335 Skeena Street, Bound Delta, British Columbia, V4K 0A6 Canada Phone 604-946-0011 Fax 604-946-0821 Web Training Offered Flight School College Degree International Student V ...

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