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The Sky is Not the Limit ®
eLearning Class Subscription: A 12-month subscription gives you: All book chapter learning tools, live streaming class, chat support and lot more,exclusively for student subscribers.
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Join the "Flyboyzs Community" and become on-line friends with Pilots and Flight Attendants. Chat on-line with the Flyboyzs, and many other pilots to include - former Military Fighter Pilots, International Jumbo Jet Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers, FAA Mechanics, an FAA Medical Examiner, aviations enthusiasts and the general public. Why do we say the general public? Because a lot of the people in our community are not pilots. Our pilots include: (Male and Female) Military Fighter Pilots, Airline Pilots, Commercial Pilots, Corporate Pilots, Acrobatic-Stunt Pilots, Private Pilots, Helicopter Pilots and Student Pilots.

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