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Jeff Freeny


2003 – Present: President, Founder and CEO of Flyboyzs® and Flyboyzs Foundation. Flyboyzs® is a multicultural international organization of aviation experts and enthusiasts (men and women) from around the world consisting of Pilots, Flight Attendants, Air Traffic Controllers, FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Mechanics, Professors of Education, Corporate Executives, FAA Medical Examiners and many others whose Global Initiative is to Inspire, Motivate, Educate and provide solutions to success through our “STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) educational events, interactive website and guest speaking engagements.

Flyboyzs® was created by Mr. Freeny from a basic concept to unite all aviation educational, and social personalities from around the world in one place to learn about aviation, “STEM” principles and tour the world as aviation spokespersons. This unique concept implemented worldwide has had phenomenal reception.

October 11, 2012 - Set world speed record on a flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco, California in a Boeing 747-400.

1995 – Present: NASA/Ames Test Pilot for NASA/AMES Research Center where he is instrumental in testing and implementing procedures, human factors, and cognitive and aeronautical skills required for current and future manned aircraft operations.

1995 – Present: Jeff Freeny pilots the largest aircraft Boeing Aircraft Corporation makes, the 747-400, for a major U.S. airline. His route of flight in any given month takes him to 4 of the world’s 7 Continents: Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. Mr. Freeny is a highly qualified pilot with over 18,000 hours of flight time in many different airplanes.

1995 – Present: As a Federal Aviation Administration Certified Flight Instructor, Mr. Freeny’s responsibilities include teaching aviation theory, technical, practical, and emergency flying skills and procedures required to obtain a pilot’s license.

Captain Freeny attended the U.S. Air Force flight school where he graduated in the top 10% of his class and was given, for his first aircraft assignment, the honor and privilege to fly as “Aircraft Commander of General Dynamics’ F-111 Tactical Fighter, Supersonic Nuclear capable aircraft at the age of 24 (published speed over Mach 2.0). His responsibility with the U.S. Air Force was to defend our nation’s freedom at all cost. And, while in the Air-Force, Captain Freeny also piloted the supersonic Northrop T-38 and Cessna T-37. As a Military Officer, Captain Freeny received numerous awards.

While in the Air Force, Captain Freeny being health conscious and believing that the mind and body are one, designed, created and later patented and manufactures an exercise carrying case. This ‘one of a kind’ invention is uniquely designed to carry all those needed and wanted items a person normally carries while exercising.

Mr. Freeny earned a Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University and Master’s degree studies at Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA.

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