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About Flyboyzs

Flyboyzs® is a multicultural international organization of aviation experts and enthusiasts (men and women) from around the world consisting of Pilots, Flight Attendants, Air Traffic Controllers, FAA Mechanics, Professors of Education, Corporate Executives, an FAA Medical Examiner and many others, whose Global Initiative is to Inspire, Motivate, Educate and provide solutions to success through our guest speaking engagements and interactive website.

We believe that without inspiration and motivation, the ability to educate is lost.

Our initiatives and solutions are designed to:

  1. Be an introductory platform for STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) by: Inspiring, motivating, creating and generating a desire and interest for education and studies in the STEM concentrations.
  2. Help individuals acquire basic information about the aviation industry from individuals in the aviation industry and from aviation enthusiasts by being an accessible information resource via the Internet, guest appearances, multimedia and many other means of communication.
  3. Help fulfill the average person’s inherent curiosity, passion and desire to learn more about the aviation industry.
  4. Help individuals develop skills to be successful in any life’s endeavors.

This process will be achieved by being the chain, link and bridge needed to answer the questions of the most curious minds and of those with the aviation “bug”. This will be achieved through E-Learning, interactive communication, public appearances, multimedia and

Flyboyzs® will also provide guidance to those who are interested in or who are pursuing a career in aviation, which may include but not limited to becoming a Pilot, Flight Attendant, Aircraft Mechanic or Air Traffic Controller. is a medium that unites all these professions to the general public. This web site gives you access to loads of information, pictures and facts related to the aviation industry.

A section of the website called “Flyboyzs Community” is a place where any and everyone can connect to people who have either a slight interest or a deep passion for aviation. In addition, you can chat on-line and become on-line friends with the Flyboyzs® and other pilots from around the world.

In addition to chatting with people from around the world like yourself with an aviation interest, we have for your benefit, a team of aviation experts who would love to share some of their aviation experiences with you and answer any questions you may have.

It doesn't matter whether you are a young adult or experienced adult from across town, across the country or across an Ocean, join our community and chat with someone about aviation stuff. Have a look at a Flyboyzs® profile and ask us a question, we are here for you, and the best part about all this is….. It’s ALL FREE!!!

Who are Flyboyzs®?

Flyboyzs® consists of Pilots and Flight Attendants Aircraft Mechanics, Air Traffic Controllers, Doctors, Nurses, Lawyer, Scientists, Students, Teachers, Business Owners, Inventors, House Wives and countless other volunteers from all over the world ranging from cities and countries both large and small.

Our pilots range from: (Male and Female) Military Fighter Pilots, Airline Pilots, Commercial Pilots, Corporate Pilots, Acrobatic-Stunt Pilots, Private Pilots, Helicopter Pilots and Student Pilots.

We fly many different kinds of aircraft to include but not limited to Boeing and Airbus Industry’s biggest, fastest and most popular jets. We travel around the world 3-4 times a month. We have over a half a million hours of flying experience (Military and Civilian). We have several thousand hours of U.S. Fighter Pilot experience.

Our affiliates and collaborating partners consist of numerous organizations, institutions, companies, government agencies and consultants that have over 100 years of experience in the aviation industry. And of course, some of our affiliates are you, the general public, who like us, have a passion and fascination with aviation.


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