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Welcome to the Flyboyzs’ compilation of Aeronautical / Aerospace / and Aviation Universities, Colleges and Schools.

This list is constantly changing with additions and deletions as universities and colleges change their curriculum.
Flyboyzs have no affiliation with any of the listed universities or colleges and have no information concerning their curriculum or practices.
The following is a list of possible career fields, areas of concentration and degrees that are offered by some institutions. Some of the listed institutions may only offer courses while the majority of the institutions listed offer degrees.

    • B.S. Aeronautical Science
    • B.S. Aeronautical Systems Engineering Technology
    • B.S. Aerospace Administration
    • B.S. ASM Aerospace Electronics AOC
    • B.S. Aerospace Maintenance Management
    • B.S. Aerospace Technology
    • B.S. Air Traffic Control
    • B.S. Air Traffic Management
    • B.S. Air Transportation Systems

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