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Appareo’s Stratus ESG transponder this week received Technical Standard Order (TSO) authorization from the FAA. The panel-mounted 1090 ES transponder starts at $2,995 and includes ADS-B and built-in WAAS GPS.

 Available in two kit options — Stratus ESG and Stratus ESGi — the transponder comes with or without ADS-B In capability. The Stratus ESGi kit ($3,495) includes a non-certified ADS-B In receiver, designed to work exclusively with the Stratus transponder. When connected to the Stratus ESG, the Stratus 2i receiver can interface with ForeFlight Mobile for traffic and datalink weather capabilities.

“We’re excited to be offering a new kit option to include both ADS-B In and Out,” said Kris Garberg, director of sales at Appareo. “This kit will enable a lot of non-glass-panel aircraft owners to enjoy the benefits of ADS-B In while complying with the 2020 mandate for ADS-B Out — affordably.”

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