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Who better to fly EAA’s 2 millionth Young Eagle than actor Harrison Ford, chairman of the Young Eagles program from 2004-2009. The lucky passenger was 16-year-old Jodie Gawthrop of Westchester, Illinois, who was awestruck by the experience.


“It was amazing,” she said after the flight from Wittman Regional Airport, according a story on EAA’s website. “It was just wonderful.”

A junior in high school, Gawthrop first fell in love with flight through the Civil Air Patrol’s cadet orientation program in 2013 and plans to pursue a career in aviation, EAA notes.


In addition to Gawthrop’s flight, former Young Eagles co-chairman and "Miracle on the Hudson” copilot Jeff Skiles flew the 1,999,998th Young Eagle, Braeden Edbert, 10, of LaValle, Wisconsin, and current chairman and airshow star Sean D. Tucker flew the 1,999,999th, Owen Wrolstad, 13, of Oshkosh. Fred Stadler, the EAA member who has given the most Young Eagles flights at 6,500, gave the 2 millionth-plus-one flight to Annalee Wrolstad, 11, also of Oshkosh.

EAA Chairman and CEO Jack Pelton said the milestone shows the commitment of the organization to the Young Eagles. “I think this program will stand the test of time and hit 3 million quickly.”

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