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ForeFlight is showcasing its latest software update this week, which we tried out for the first time at the company’s exhibit booth at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The new software provides a new global-data-driven aeronautical map in place of digitized sectional charts that provides layers of information for improved readability, as well as improvements to the app’s flight plan and logbook features.

As you zoom in on the map, an increasing level of detail is instantaneously displayed, with no software latency. At the closest zoom level, the airport diagram pops up with taxiway and runway labels as well as major business names. And as with any map display, the own ship position is overlaid on to the map for immediate situational awareness.


ForeFlight has also added more capabilities to its flight plan feature, streamlining the functions. A drop-down box provides information such as the distance and a suggested route as soon as you enter a departure point and destination. Pilots who prefer to flight plan on a computer will appreciate the direct transfer of the entered route straight to the tablet app.


Additional functionality has also been added to ForeFlight’s logbook feature. Flight instructors can now sign logbook entries remotely within the app using the touchscreen on an iPad or iPhone. And access can be given to simulators, such as Redbird simulators, to stream data directly to the app.


ForeFlight 8 is also more customizable for the user. For example, the font size can be modified to provide larger or smaller fonts based on the needs of the pilot through a simple bar similar to the screen brightness adjustment bar.


ForeFlight expects Version 8 to be available to download from the app store next month as a free update for current subscribers. The new aeronautical maps are available for Basic Plus, Pro Plus and Business Plus plans.

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