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TOPIC: airplane work

airplane work 9 years 4 months ago #293

  • Jayson
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How does an airplane work?
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airplane work 9 years 4 months ago #299

  • mfnic
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Hi Jason,

Thanks for joining and thanks for your question.

This is a very involved question and a very good question. So here is the basic answer and if you have more detailed questions please ask.

First of all, the primary reason an airplanes flies is because the air is moving over the wing faster than it is moving under the wing..

Huummm... you are thinking to yourself as you try to imagine what I mean but what I said.

(Bernoulli's principle, Fluid Dynamics ) I will explain later.

The airplane's engine, no matter how many there are or where they are located on the airplane and no matter what kind of engines they are, creates thrust to cause the airplane to move forward.

(Sir Isaac Newton laws of motion) I will explain this later as well.

This forward motion creates the airflow over the wings, the airflow over the wings create lift and the airplane flies.

This is basically how an airplane works.
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