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10 January 2010.

I took off from San Francisco, California headed to Hong Kong in a Boeing 747-400. With about 400 people, full of food and fuel, our total weight at lift off was about 870,000 pounds (lbs), (about 394.6 kilograms (kilos)).

As I pulled back on the control-wheel of this jumbo jet, I remember thinking to myself how this small self contained city will suspend itself in the air for approximately 15 hours non-stop to another city, another culture, another country.

I remember thinking to myself..... Wow, we are very heavy and we are full or fuel. In fact we had enough fuel on that one flight to:....... If you started driving around 16 years old, we had enough fuel on the airplane to refuel your car every week of every month of every year for the rest of your life.

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